Progresso Marmi

The Art of stone since more than 40 years

About Us

Progresso Marmi S.r.l. is a leader company in the industy of mining and in stone manufacturing, being proud of their fourty-year experience. The Company is located within the marble district of Apricena, the second largest extraction area in Italy, availing themself of higly specialized and skilled personnel that are able to create artisan products through the use of the most modern and advanced production technique. Progresso Marmi S.r.l. offer a very wide set of products both for street furniture and for the covering of interiors and exteriors such as blocks, plates, marble tiles, semifinished products of any thickness and size, road kerbs and much more. Our mission is to create a product of superb quality that is both a symbol of the italian artisan beauty and a very clear mark of the romanic artistic legacy of Puglia.